Ticket sales are currently on hold until we are sure we can have a festival, we anticipate this will occur at level 1.

Ask the Brewers Questions - click here for details


BrewDay is pleased to announce our "Ask the Brewers" session. This is where our BrewDay brewers answer your questions by video.

So, if you've got a burning question or 5 that you have been longing to ask a brewer - now is your opportunity. Simply complete the form by clicking here 

Once questions are in, we will compile them and send them off to the brewers to be answered. The answers will come in the form of a video that will be posted on this site for you to view.

Breweries who are keen to answer your questions are so far:

  • Fork 
  • Double Vision 
  • Liberty
  • McLeods
  • Duncans
  • Garage Project
  • Mean Doses
  • Juicehead

Simple - so get going and ask your questions - Click Here

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