Safari Theme


BrewDay organisers encourage you and your group to get into theme and dress up to go on safari - you never know, you could win a prize. 


BrewDay Venue, Hours & Entry

BrewDay 2022 is being held at Fly Palmy Arena 2, 61 Pascal Street. This is a completely undercover venue. Doors will open at midday until 6.30pm (last drink served from 6.00pm). 

The venue is centrally located in Palmerston North, is close to bars and easily accessed by public transport. See the map for the venue location.

Entry Procedure

  • If you have purchased a GA ticket look for the signage - GA Tickets

  • If you have purchased a ticket with currency look for this signage - GA + Currency

  • Purchasing a ticket on the day (limited available) – look for this signage - Purchase Tickets here


During the entry process, security will be checking ID and bags. At this stage, BrewDay staff with issue you with your:

  • BrewDay drinking cup (don't lose it - you only get one)

  • Your AWOP wristband - this will be put on your wrist

  • Map showing where the vendors are

To view what vendors are serving - refer to the Breweries and Food tabs on this website


Help the Foodbank

BrewDay are pleased to announce that they are partnering with the Palmerston North Foodbank to support those in the community who require food assistance.


BrewDay has always been about supporting the community and this initiative will bring direct benefits to those requiring the food assistance.


To make this happen, all we are asking is that those who have purchased a ticket to BrewDay simply bring an item of food along and place it in the food collection bins at the BrewDay entrance. The Foodbank asks that the list of food below is preferable please:

  • baked beans

  • spaghetti

  • tinned tuna

  • rice

  • pasta

  • tinned tomatoes

  • tinned vegetables/fruit

  • powdered milk

  • sanitary items


BrewDay know that the Palmerston North community will get behind this initiative and donate generously.


To find out more about the Foodbank – please click here 



We are proud to announce that we will have local band “The Regularz” providing the sounds for us at BrewDay.


Music from The Regularz will get your toes tapping, hips swaying and head nodding... and you are destined to sing along even when you don't quite know the words. 


Join The Regularz for some classic rock, soul, pop, ska and reggae, with a smattering of country too. There are crowd-pleasers all through the set - from kiwi classics to global bangers. Get into it with The Regularz at Brew Day Palmy '22.


Check them out at

AWOP System

How it works

When you arrive at BrewDay you will be issued with an AWOP Wristband, this is your cashless payment system – if you have pre purchased a ticket loaded with currency, there will automatically be $30 on your band, it is already activated and you can start purchasing.

For those that need to load BrewDay currency onto your AWOP band you will need to visit the AWOP kiosk, activate the band and load with money. Please note that AWOP will charge a $3.50 activation fee at this stage.

At BrewDay wristbands will be different colours, depending on what you have purchased. There will be colours for the following:

  • Colour 1: Pre-purchased currency band that is loaded with currency enabling you to purchase any product, including alcohol.

  • Colour 2: Wristband that enables you to purchase any product, including alcohol.

  • Colour 3:  Wristband that denotes you as a person under 18yrs of age, you won’t be able to purchase alcohol – but you can purchase everything else.

When you make a purchase using your wristband - the vendor will show you the balance you have remaining.

You can visit the AWOP kiosk at anytime to load more money onto the wristband


If you have a colour 1 or colour 2 wristband and during the course of the day, you look like you have had enough alcohol, or are misbehaving – we will “Yellow Card” you, this means you won’t be able to purchase alcohol anymore. 

How to get a refund on your wristband


Please note that the refund system was available until 11 June 2022 - it has now expired


Serving Sizes

Servings will be tastes of 75ml and glasses of 280ml for beer and 50ml and 150ml for wine.

Prices will range from $2 for tastes and from $5 up to $10 for full pours. The higher the ABV, the higher the price.

Smoking and Vaping


Smoking and vaping are permitted at BrewDay - there is a dedicated area at the venue. For the comfort of others, please use this area when smoking or vaping.


If you are caught smoking or vaping inside, you will be issued with a warning to please stop. If you persist in smoking or vaping after being warned, you will be told to leave.


What To/Not To Bring


Please remember to bring your ticket, either printed out or on your electronic device. 

You CAN bring the following into BrewDay

  • Empty clear plastic water bottles (can be filled up at water stations)

  • Your item of food for the food bank - see list above under Community

  • A Great attitude

You CAN NOT bring the following into BrewDay

  • Alcohol of any variety

  • Soft drinks

  • Animals (exception for service animals)

  • A bad attitude

  • Chilly bin (or Esky for Australian's)


Conditions of Entry

- Upon arrival at BrewDay you will be asked for proof of your age if you look under 25 years old. Acceptable proof of age identification is:

  • Passport

  • Drivers License

  • HANZ 18+ Card

  • Kiwi Access Card

- If you do not have one of these forms of ID with you, you will not be admitted to BrewDay.

- Any persons showing signs of intoxication on arrival at BrewDay will be refused entry.

- Any person who is deemed by security, event staff or Police to be intoxicated will be asked to leave BrewDay.

- All BrewDay attendees consent to having their photo taken via camera or other device while at BrewDay and further consent to the photo being used for promotion purposes by BrewDay Organisers and or Sponsors.



Here at BrewDay, we are committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible. To help with this and do your part, please follow these guidelines:



  • If you are feeling ill, please stay at home.

  • Once you have progressed through security, please sanitise your hands.

  • Please avoid direct contact with others (handshaking etc).

  • Please sanitise your hands throughout the day, santisers will be at every stall, as well as scattered around the venue.

  • Please wash your hands if you go to the toilet - you shouldn't need to be told this.

  • Please only drink from the cup you are issued with. 

  • If you have flu like symptoms at BrewDay, please see the first aid staff or go home.

  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow - then sanitise.

Thank you for doing your part in helping us stay safe.

Transport Options

Taxi & Uber

  • Gold & Black Taxis: 0800 351 2345

  • Taxis Palmerston North: 06 355 5333

  • Dial a Driver: 021 925 465

  • Please use your app for: Uber

Bus Option - see map below for details - click map to enlarge and download.

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