Vendor offerings

We sell gourmet burgers and brioche doughnuts and we can handle a high capacity of orders and large crowds fast.

We prepare delicious Mexican food with a kiwi twist, Nachos, Burritos, Tacos, Jalapenos poppers, Curly Fries and churros.

We are a small food truck doing outstanding American bbq and fried chicken. We also offer snacks like biltong, chilli bites and dry wors.

From Palmy to Canada!

After working in bars and restaurants in Canada and adopting a love for Canadian cuisine, we arrived home and wanted to introduce it to other Kiwis.

Focusing on Chicken Wings and the notorious Poutine, we hope we can give you an experience of authentic Canadian pub fare.

The Hungry Monkey food truck was founded with a heart full of passion for cooking, baking and all things food. Our offerings include traditional Malaysian dishes spun into the modern age and our signature delicious bao buns; all of which have love and gratitude baked in! We offer the best Bao Bun burger in Wellington. Voted the second most popular food truck in 2018, Wellington Region. We also provide gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

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